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In today’s dynamic healthcare environment, healthcare professionals are being challenged from all sides. From HIPAA regulations, insurance issues and increased legislation on the horizon, lower revenues and higher operating expenses have become the norm.

As the tried and true adage claims “necessity breeds innovation”

Total Practice Care is our commitment to delivering superior service on every single level — and in every transaction we conduct with you or your customers. It's a total dedication to providing all the support teams and tools you need to maximize your bottom line and minimize your headaches. We understand that your job isn't nine-to-five, so our support is available around the clock. We provide online tools that allows you to manage your program when and where it's convenient. Our Help Desk team can answer your terminal questions day or night, and our customer service team puts the solutions you need right at your fingertips. We also staff an account management team that will match you with the best products to grow your business.

The sum of all these benefits is what we call Total Practice Care.